Charlie Paul has been directing film and television projects and commercials for twenty-five years. During this celebrated career he has been awarded over thirty international advertising awards including D&AD, Clio's, BTAA, Rank cinema and a BAFTA for his 'Inside Art' series for Channel 4.

Charlie is the co-founder and Creative Director of Itch Film based in central London. He spends much of his time in the Itch studio which houses a motion control rig and his many cameras and lights.

Charlie studied fine art at Byam School of Art and following his graduation, began as an animator, working his way into directing.  By the mid 90’s, he was much sought after as a Director for live-action and animation mix commercials.

During the last ten years Charlie has added to his talents and become renown as a Director with specialist motion-control experience. His technical knowledge in shooting on a variety of formats, skilled lighting techniques, and innovative approaches to problem solving are unprecedented. He has phenomenal drive and his continued commitment to perfection for each client and agency is a rare and exceptional gift. He has built a loyal and vast client base with commercial clients including: Harrods, Halifax, Aldi, Samsung, Bacardi, Nescafe, Boots, Debenhams, McDonald’s, Becks, Waitrose, United Biscuit, Scholl, Walkers Crisps, Subway, Sainsbury’s, Kellogg’s, Littlewoods, Cesar dog food, Sheba cat food, Pizza Hut, Comet, Beefeater, Gordon’s Gin, McCain’s, Muller, Unilever, Domino’s Pizza, Co-op, M&S, Oust, Fairy, and Kingsmill.

Charlie’s love of music and exceptional visual sense has also made him an exciting promo Director – some of these can be seen on this site.


It is this constant flow of commercial work that has enabled Charlie over the years to realise his long-term obsession of observing art as it is created. With his unique vision in fine art Charlie has made a number of innovative films working with a wide range of Artist’s stop framing their art from blank canvas to the finished piece.

This interest sparked his introduction to renown UK artist and cartoonist Ralph Steadman, which resulted in a 10 year long project working with Johnny Depp creating an award winning feature documentary titled ‘For No Good Reason’. The film won critical acclaim on the festival circuit and in 2014 released theatrically across the US by Sony Pictures Classics winning many international awards.



For No Good Reason Reviews.




A visually stunning documentary. Warm, funny and touching, this is one documentary you’d be silly to miss

From ‘entertaining’ to ‘awesome’ ……at times making you laugh out loud






For No Good Reason endeavours to reveal Steadman’s story through his art not “investigate” him. Charlie Paul says “an artist makes his work and that’s how he represents himself.” This is as much a valid statement for the documentarian as it is for his subject and with For No Good Reason, Charlie Paul has represented himself as a true artist.

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Charlie Paul’s mesmerising film For No Good Reason, as beautiful and profound a documentary as you’re likely to see. Captivating viewing from stem to stern





A feast for the eyes and the mind, the brilliantly original work of the great Ralph Steadman finally gets it due



Charlie Paul captured the ferocity, passion and idealism of Steadman's work.





Reverential and sumptuously shot  the film scores highly as an immersive and engaging visual experience.